What is a Degreaser?

In simple terms, a degreaser is a chemical that removes grease from a surface. Degreasers can be water-based or solvent-based. They can remove grease from hard surfaces, or porous surfaces such as carpet or clothing.

Choosing the right degreaser for the job is paramount. For example, products with high concentrations of sodium hydroxide (lye) can work exceptionally well at removing grease from hard surfaces, but if overused, can damage or completely destroy textiles. Solvent-based degreasers may remove heavy oil from metal surfaces, but if used on painted surfaces they may damage or remove the paint. A mild water-based light duty degreaser may remove day-to-day oily soils but will struggle in a heavy

Sci-Tech and our distributors can help you find the right degreaser product for your cleaning job.