Innovative Products and Systems

With a strong commitment to research and development, Sci-Tech produces a variety of specifically tailored chemicals. Through our own staff chemist and research facility, Sci-Tech develops superior products that reduce end user maintenance costs while providing value-added solutions. Thus, we can provide our clients with high quality chemicals while maintaining an innovative edge in the ever-changing market place.

  • Chemicals easily integrated into proportioning and dispensing systems
  • Specifically designed chemicals for unique requirements
  • Ongoing research and development to provide cutting-edge product chemistry
  • The unique synergy of Sci-Tech allows quick market integration

A large variety of proprietary packaging is available for our distributors. Specific package design options with user-friendly, environmental, and safety considerations are at the forefront of Sci-Tech’s program including Technical and Material Safety Data Sheets, Operational procedural manuals, and Technical Information Support Systems.

Building Over 150 Chemical Packages & Products

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