Disinfectant Products

Some cleaning jobs need a little more than simple degreasing. Do you have high touch surfaces and need to reduce germ transmission? A disinfectant cleaner may be the solution for your environment. Sci-Tech Engineered Chemicals manufactures a line of disinfectant products in the Edmonton area. Our quat-based disinfectant products are Health Canada DIN registered and listed on the COVID19 database.

Whether you need a simple ready-to-use spray and wipe solution or a concentrated solution metered through a dispenser, Sci-Tech and our distributors can help you choose a suitable disinfectant for your cleaning operation. 

Where to use Disinfectant Products

Disinfectant products can be used on most hard surfaces to reduce the potential transmission of germs in public and private buildings such as hospitals, schools, and restaurants. Some examples of high touch surfaces include doorknobs, toilets, countertops, PIN pads, and railings. Disinfectants can also be used in kennels and other animal care areas to prevent disease spread. Sci-Tech and our distributors can help you choose the right disinfectant products for your cleaning jobs.

How do Quat Disinfectants Work?

Quats (short for quaternary ammonium chloride) destroy the proteins that make-up bacteria, viruses, and fungi. When these proteins are deformed, the cells’ contents leak out, rendering the pathogen inactive. Quats can also interfere with the metabolic processes of bacteria and fungi. It is important to remember that it takes time for these quat chemicals and their additives to work, so always follow the bottle’s contact time directions.